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Welcome to the Auriga Fire website. Please feel free to browse the content and make yourselves at home. If anybody has any ideas for making the site better, just let me know. Thank you in advance for the courtesy and respect you have accorded to fellow members.

Additional content, events, guild banking and more will be coming soon.

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Sumdumfoo, Mar 6, 12 4:35 AM.
now that i am not crashing every time i go to this site i wanted to share some thoughts.  maybe get some feed back.  on the "Legacy" system they are putting in place.  i for one was excited.  especially at the thought of having cross class skills.  sentinel with a force push?  yes please!  sentinel with that skill shadows use to pull an enemy to them?  yes please!  sentinel with a sage heal?  quite a bit OP but ill take it!  then BW says something that absolutely crushes my desire to play this game anymore.  something so fucking stupid that i now think they are more fucking retarded than SE.  something that goes against everything we know about starwars and something that NEVER should happen.  

Completing Chapter 3 with a class will unlock their Heroic Ability for each other class! Did you ever want to use Force Choke on your Imperial Agent? Now you can :)

i can understand cross class as force user to force user.  trooper to smuggler.  FORCE ABILITIES ARE FOR FORCE USERS JUST AS RANGED ATTACKS ARE FOR RANGED ATTACKERS!  fuck you bioware.  fuck you for destroying this game. 

Eternity Vault, What can I say?

Ennvy, Feb 13, 12 5:35 PM.
EV the run it self was pretty easy, got through the first 4 bosses no problem till we got to...... dum dum dum SOA!
Soa is bugged atm, and was making things diffculty on us. He reset threat on me alot and reset the fight everytime I was mind trop. On the forum, there's a post with about 30 pages long complaining about the fight lol.

Overall, we got some decent gear, so it wasn't a complete lost, also, we got our weekly done. It did not bug on us again lol.

Total Mayhem

Ennvy, Jan 29, 12 2:36 PM.
Hey, what a weekend we had. First, we attempted to kill some world bosses. But lady luck wasn't on our side. Someone had already killed some of them. So Besaan, and I decided run out ahead to search for the other bosses on Tatoonie and Alderaan. Finally, a world boss in Alderaan was still up! To celebrate, we surrounded Elbussorio and started to dance. with our tops off! lol When we were dancing a sith decided to steal our boss. This didnt sit well for the dirty dancers, So we trick the sith to flag. Once his friend came over to help him. the buddy sith accidently flag himself. AND SOO THE MAYHEM! We killed them and the boss. Yay us.

Eternity Vault attempt. For a first run attempt with a pug. We got 4/5 bosses down. Some really good loot drop as well. More attempts with the guild soon to come. So lvl up people XD

World Bosses Report.

Ennvy, Jan 1, 12 6:04 PM.
So, We had good attendance on New Year's Eve. The timing was um, a bit off...But oh well, we had alot of fun!
We took down Subject Alpha, Trapjaw,  Battledroid R4-CL, and SD-0. We were going after Ulgo Siegebreaker as well but some damn imps beat us to him. But, silly Imps were flagged for pvp. So we jumped them lol. Thanks for the run guys. See ya next event XD.

World Bosses Part 2

Ennvy, Dec 28, 11 2:49 AM.
Hey guys,

This Saturday, we will go out and defeat us some more world bosses for some codex achievements. I know its New Years Eve, but, what better way to celebrate a new year with some big bangs and explosions? We will head out and attack the world bosses from Taris, Alderaan, and Tatooine. Start time 2PM PST. and gather at Taris, Waypoint Daavy.

This run should take about 1hr. So no complaining, you will have time to run out and have some fun and get drunk XD.
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